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Coinbase Earn


Coinbase Earn is an on-ramp into the world of crypto, allowing audiences to learn by watching animated short form content (videos + stories) and earn crypto by taking quizzes.

Earn was my primary project at Coinbase. As a producer, I was tasked with building pre-production decks, liaising between internal teams and external client stakeholders, providing creative direction on scripts and visuals, and preparing assets for launch. Much of the work was project management, effectively communicating and setting deadlines to work towards. At the peak, I was producing 12 Earn campaigns per quarter.

Production Process

From conception to visualization

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.16.09 AM.png

Rough Draft Copy V1

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.13.34 AM.png

Illustrations V1


Creating a kick-off deck detailing the production process, key deadlines, and contacts to present to the client during an initial meeting. 


Working with copywriters to craft a rough draft. Providing creative direction on key points and narrative of the lessons. This copy then gets passed through multiple stakeholders, including internal writers, legal, and external client team, for approval.


Providing visual guidance on storyboards. Liaising with the client team and designers to ensure their input is captured. Pushing it through the stakeholder pipeline and revision process into animations.


Coordinating with the engineering and business teams. Final assets, including animation files, UX images, and lesson copy, are prepared for launch. 🚀

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