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Creative Producer & Writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Having worked for Coinbase, Paramount Pictures, Apple, Saro has a wide range of experience in overseeing creative production and project management in a professional environment. He's produced videos for brands, written award winning scripts, and led large creative projects with multiple teams to completion. Currently, he's a Creative Production Manager at Made Good, a creative content and advertisement studio.


From a young age, the fundamentals of storytelling were instilled in him  by his favorite childhood cartoons (specifically Avatar the Last Airbender and Teen Titans).

Saro is passionate about telling narratives from underrepresented communities, specifically stories that portray the Asian American experience.

Saro is a Pre-WGA screenwriter. For more, check out his Coverfly profile.

THE SHIRT - Short Film (Drama) - 2023

Logline: After a date leaves his t-shirt at her apartment, Julia is caught in a battle for her soul as the shirt grows into a monstrous reminder of the man who ghosted her.

  • Currently in pre-production with director Christina Xing

HONEY BOBA - 1/2 Hour TV Pilot Script (Comedy/Drama) - 2023

Logline: A student struggles to navigate both high school and the criminal underworld when the boba shop he works for turns out to be a front for the most ruthless gang in the Bay Area.

  • Finalist at NFFTY Screenplay Competition 2023

  • Quarterfinalist at WeScreenplay Diverse Voices 2023

  • Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Pilot Lab 2024

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2024


BAGHA - Short Script (Drama) - 2022

Logline: A journalist struggles to balance the duties of his family and his duties to the Indian independence movement in 1920’s Calcutta.

  • Written as part of Rickshaw Writer's Room 2022


OLD COAST - 1 Hour TV Pilot Script (Horror/Drama) - 2020

Logline: After moving to an idyllic, bayside town in the wake of World War II, a Japanese family is forced to confront ghosts of the past as rising tensions with their new fellow townsfolk and an unseen terror threaten to tear their family apart.

  • Semifinalist at Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2020

  • Semifinalist at San Francisco Int'l Screenwriting Competition 2021

  • Semifinalist at Big Apple Film Festival 2020

  • Quarterfinalist at WeScreenPlay TV Pilot Contest 2020

Quarterfinalist - WeScreenplay Diverse Voices - 2023.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - NFFTY Screenplay Competition Story Starts Here - 2023.png
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