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NFT Gallery at ComplexCon

Secret Walls NFT Battle

Coinbase x ComplexCon 2021


ComplexCon was one of the biggest events for Coinbase in 2021. For a company to break into the mainstream, it needs to tap into culture - that was what ComplexCon was. I was on the ground as a creative producer to capture and edit content (videos, gifs, interviews) for Coinbase's social channels.

From the outset, we knew that there were 2 activations occurring. One was an NFT Gallery and the other was a collaboration with Secret Walls for an Art Battle Tournament taking place over the course of 2 days. We centered the content around these events.

In pre-production, we researched NFT artists that would be present at the battle and crafted a narrative surrounding the tournament. There were key questions that needed to be asked so we came up with a shooting schedule and plan to successfully craft a docu-style video.

On the ground, I carried out interviews, worked with and directed a cinematographer to capture content, and edited on-the-fly GIFs and short form videos for the Coinbase Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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