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I am a Pre-WGA screenwriter. Here are a few of my scripts and accolades below. For more, check out my Coverfly profile.

THE SHIRT - Short Film (Drama) - 2023

Logline: After a date leaves his t-shirt at her apartment, Julia is caught in a battle for her soul as the shirt grows into a monstrous reminder of the man who ghosted her.

  • Currently in pre-production 

HONEY BOBA - 1/2 Hour TV Pilot Script (Comedy/Drama) - 2022

Logline: A student struggles to navigate both high school and the criminal underworld when the boba shop he works for turns out to be a front for the most ruthless gang in the Bay Area.

  • Finalist at NFFTY Screenplay Competition 2023

  • Quarterfinalist at WeScreenplay Diverse Voices 2023

  • Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Pilot Lab 2024

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2024


BAGHA - Short Script (Drama) - 2022

Logline: A journalist struggles to balance the duties of his family and his duties to the Indian independence movement in 1920’s Calcutta.

  • Written as part of Rickshaw Writer's Room 2022


OLD COAST - 1 Hour TV Pilot Script (Horror/Drama) - 2020

Logline: After moving to an idyllic, bayside town in the wake of World War II, a Japanese family is forced to confront ghosts of the past as rising tensions with their new fellow townsfolk and an unseen terror threaten to tear their family apart.

  • Semifinalist at Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2020

  • Semifinalist at San Francisco Int'l Screenwriting Competition 2021

  • Semifinalist at Big Apple Film Festival 2020

  • Quarterfinalist at WeScreenPlay TV Pilot Contest 2020

Quarterfinalist - WeScreenplay Diverse Voices - 2023.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - NFFTY Screenplay Competition Story Starts Here - 2023.png
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